NeoNomad dApp V.2 Release

NeoNomad dApp & ZARC Update Report You will be able to find all the latest updates we have recently done to the dApp v.2

NeoNomad dApp & ZARC Update Report

New Multi-chain app release Features:

  • Bridge RPC port fix. Users can now successfully and uninterruptedly bridge their NNI tokens across the Solana and BNB smart chain networks.
  • The bridge has been developed to provide support for additional networks in the future such as Polygon and other EVM chains.
  • Additional wallet adapters were added to the bridge, some examples being Solflare and Trust Wallet

New Staking app features:

  • The staking app now offers support for additional staking smart contracts.
  • Support has been added for the NNI token staking across Polygon, Avalanche, Ethereum and BNB smartchain in addition to the already live SOL network.

Swaps page new features:

  • Swaps now have TradingView integration.

Yield Farming and Liquidity provision update:

  • Yield Farming LP now displays the LP amount correctly.

ZARC App updates:

  • NeoNomad's Stablecoin App Status
  • The ZARC ios and android mobile app development is underway.
  • The Desktop/Web version of the app is already undergoing beta testing internally.
  • The account functionality and admin panel for desktop users has been integrated in preparation for KYC registrations.
  • The ZARC coin smart contracts have been deployed on the Solana and BNB smart chain networks.

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