Important Announcement: The Delisting of NNI from

This message is for individuals who hold NNI exclusively on NeoNomad has decided to withdraw from XT, leading to the discontinuation of our listing there. If you have NNI holdings on XT, please note that you have until April 22, 2024, to withdraw your funds.

Greetings NeoNomad community,

This communication is directed to all individuals who currently maintain NNI holdings exclusively on

As previously communicated, our listing on XT has been discontinued.  This is due to a decision made by NeoNomad to withdraw from XT. Those of you who hold NNI on XT are kindly advised that you have until April 22, 2024, to initiate your fund withdrawals.

Please take note of the following instructions:

- For NNI balances below 8000, please reach out to XT support, providing your reasons for withdrawal and referencing the specified deadline. XT has committed to aiding users with balances below this threshold in facilitating their withdrawal requests. Please inform us promptly should they fail to uphold this agreement.

- For balances exceeding 8000 NNI, you may submit a withdrawal request directly on the XT platform to transfer funds to a self-custody wallet of your preference.

Please read the following instructions CAREFULLY:

If your NNI holdings are on the SOL chain and you encounter difficulty in initiating the withdrawal due to SOL transaction halts or liquidity issues, please follow these steps:

1. Set up a wallet such as Metamask or Trust wallet if you haven't already done so, ensuring you select the BNB or BSC chain within your wallet settings.

2. Copy your BSC wallet address and return to your XT dashboard.

In the event of withdrawal submission challenges on XT, navigate to: XT -> Assets -> Spot -> NNI -> Withdraw ->On-Chain -> Paste your BNB/BSC wallet address -> Select BNB Smart Chain's the network -> Input the transfer amount -> Proceed with the withdrawal -> Confirm security verification.

If your NNI holdings do not reflect in your wallet, follow these steps (Metamask example):

1. Access the main screen of your Metamask wallet and select "Import tokens."

2. Choose "Custom token" and insert the following address: 0xf0eB3c9088718a533C8FD64Dbcaa5927faed6D18 which corresponds to NNI's BSC Token contract address.

3. Select "Next" and follow the provided instructions.

4. Your NNI holdings should now be visible in your wallet.

Should you need your NNI back on the Solana network, send us a message on our support page or Telegram channel and we would be happy to assist. Should you encounter any difficulties or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Support links:

·       NeoNomad Support

·       XT Support

·       NeoNomad Official Telegram

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